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T5281A 8 GHz Portable

    Key Feature

    T5281A is a high performance hand held VNA, large frequency range, large dynamic range ,low Noise level, low trace noise, it can be widely used for microwave device measurement in wireless communication, broadcast, TV device, radar device and semiconductor.

  • Large frequency range: 300kHz to 8.0GHz
  • Large dynamic range: >125dB (IFBW=10Hz), 130dB typ.
  • Low noise level: <-120dBm (IFBW=10Hz)
  • Low trace noise: 1mdB rms (IFBW=3kHz)
  • High measurement speed: 125レs/point (IFBW=30kHz)
  • High effective directivity: >45dB
  • Remote Control: LAN/GPIB/USB
  • Very low power consumption
  • "One-key-test" solution


Measurement Range Product Name
Impedance 50ヘ or 75ヘ
Test port connector N-type, female
Number of test ports 2
Frequency range 300kHz to 8GHz
Full CW frequency accuracy ±5×10-6
Frequency resolution 1Hz
Number of measurement points 2 to 10001
Measurement bandwidths 1Hz to 30kHz (with 1/1.5/2/3/5/7 steps)
Dynamic range (IF bandwidth 10 Hz) 130dB, typ.135dB

Measurement Accuracy
Accuracy of transmission measurements (magnitude / phase)
  +5 dB to+15 dB 0.2 dB/2°
  -50 dB to +5 dB 0.1 dB/1°
  -70 dBto-50 dB 0.2 dB/2°
  -90 dBto-70 dB 1.0 dB/6°
Accuracy of reflection measurements (magnitude / phase)
  -15 dB to 0 dB 0.4 dB/3°
  -25 dB to -15 dB 1.0 dB/6°
  -35 dB to -25 dB 3.0 dB/20°
Trace stability
Trace noise magnitude (IF bandwidth 3 kHz) 1 mdB rms
Temperature dependence (per one degree of temperature variation) 0.02 dB

Effective System Data1
Effective directivity 45 dB
Effective source match 40 dB
Effective load match 45 dB
1Applies over the temperature range of 23°C ± 5°C after 40 minutes of warming-up, with less than 1°C deviation from the full two-port calibration temperature, at output power of -5 dBm and IF bandwidth 10 Hz.

Test Port Output
Match (w/o system error correction) 18 dB
Power range 300 kHz to 6.0 GHz 6.0 GHz to 8.0GHz -60 dBm to +10 dBm -60 dBm to +5 dBm
Power accuracy ±1.5 dB
Power resolution 0.05 dB
Harmonics distortion < -25 dBc
Non harmonics distortion < -30 dBc

Test Port Input
Match (w/o system error correction) 18 dB
Damage level +26 dBm
Damage DC voltage +35 V
Noise level (IF bandwidth 10 Hz) < -120 dBm

Measurement Speed
Measurement time per point 100レs
Source to receiver port switchover time <10ms
Typical cycle time versus number of measurement points(IFBW 30kHz) 51 201 401 1601
Uncorrected(Start 300 kHz, stop 10 MHz) 13.1ms 51.3ms 102.3ms 408.3ms
Full two-port calibration(Start 300 kHz, stop 10 MHz) 45.5ms 122.0ms 230.5ms 840.5ms
Uncorrected(Start 10 MHz, stop 3 GHz) 6.5ms 21.1ms 40.5ms 157.7ms
Full two-port calibration(Start 10 MHz, stop 3 GHz) 32.4ms 61.7ms 100.3ms 333.0ms

General Data
Display 10.4 inch TFT color LCD, touch screen
External trigger input connector BNC female, Input level range: 0 to +5 V
External reference frequency BNC female; 10 MHz; 2 dBm ± 2 dB
VGA video output 15-pin mini D-Sub; female; driving the VGA compatible monitors
GPIB connector (optional) 24-pin D-Sub (type D-24), female; compatible with IEEE-488
USB connector Female; provides connection to printer, ECal module, USB storage
LAN connector 10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet, 8-pin configuration
Operating temperature range +5°C to +40°C
Storage temperature range -45°C to +55°C
Humidity 90% (25°C)
Atmospheric pressure 84 to 106.7 kPa
Calibration interval 3 years
Power supply 220 ± 22 V (AC), 50 Hz
Power consumption 60W
Dimensions (W X H X D) in mm 440 X 231 X 360 (T5280A) 350 X 220 X 150 (T5281A)
Weight 12.5 kg (T5280A) 7.1 kg (T5281A)

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