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Port Extension Units

    Key Feature

  • Operating Frequency: DC~9 GHz
  • Max. Power: 30dBm
  • Insertion Loss: <4.5dB
  • Isolation: >85dB Typ.
  • VSWR: <1.2
  • Switching Time: <30mS
  • Switching Lifespan: > 1000times
  • Matched Load: Internal Load for floating ports
  • Remote Control: USB
  • Power Consumption: <40 W

TM Series Port Extension Switch (PES) is a high performance multiport test set which extends T5 Series VNA to various numbers of ports. PES is available in 2x3, 2x8, 2x9, 2x10, 2x12 ports and it offers exceptionally fast measurement and switching speed. PES contains various features that facilitate test automation. This test set is tailored for testing device with multiport as well as batch testing in the manufacturing environment and it is a very efficient tool for a wide range of R&D multiport measurement applications.

Typical Application

  • LTE Smart Antenna (9-port) Testing
  • Multi-band Antenna Testing
  • Mobile Handset Antenna (8-port) Testing
  • Base station multiport RF Filter, Duplexer and Multiplexer Testing
  • Multiport RF Coupler and Splitter Testing
  • Other applications: WiFi, DECT, Base Station Antennas, RF Cables and so on

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